What is the quickest way to get rid of swollen tonsils?

Answer try some hot tea with honey

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My tonsils are swollen and have white on them - they hurt very bad.. What can I do for the pain?

Gargles, Antibiotics, doctor's advice everything is OK, just for immediate relief suck Bennylet (benzocaine) lozenges.Good luck!

My lingual tonsils are swollen, is there anything I can do to make the feeling of irritation go away?

If you can buy oil of oregano in a dropper, (grocery stores or drug stores or natural health stores) and shoot a few drops to the back of your throat, it will burn twice as bad for a few minutes, b... Read More »

My girlfriend tonsils are really sore and they are extremly swollen(10 points best answer)?

sounds like strep throat. Did they put her on antibiotics?if she is on a penicillin like drug no need to go back to the ER, it will take some time to get better, maybe 48 hours. Make sure she tak... Read More »

Very swollen tonsils, swab results negative, antibiotics no work, what else could?