Canker sores?

Answer Use Rembrant Canker Sore toothpaste. I started using this after getting tons and tons of canker sores for months, and I suddenly stopped getting them in bulk. Apparently, there are harsh ingredient... Read More »

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What causes canker sores and how do you get rid of them?

If you just have one or two canker sores, they are probably caused by something you've been eating or doing with your mouth. I went through of phase of drinking all cold drinks with a straw and tra... Read More »

Canker sores!! help!?

This is what i give my family. Peroxide and water mixed about 1/2 water & 1/2 peroxide. YOu could put a little mouthwash in for flavor if you need it. It is like a miracle.... Way better than saltw... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Canker Sores?

Canker sores, medically known as aphthous ulcers, are painful sores that occur inside the mouth. The cause of canker sores is not really known, so avoiding them completely is not possible. However,... Read More »

Canker sores getting worse!?

Without getting into the whole scientific thing, a canker/ cold sore is an immune related thing. The best thing you can do is to live a healthy lifestyle (really!). Mainly a healthy diet. That woul... Read More »