What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold?

Answer When you feel the cold just starting, drink a shot (one is enough) of any 80 proof alcohol (hope you're over 21 ;). If you were late and the cold is full blown, drink lots of fluids. Common cold is... Read More »

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Quickest Way to Get Rid of a Cold Sore?

Cold sores are small, fluid-filled blisters that typically arise around the mouth. They can be painful and usually last between seven and 10 days without treatment. Medications and remedies are av... Read More »

Quickest sure fire way to shake off a cold?

This might sound crazy... but seriously this helped me feel so much better. When you go to bed tonight, put Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet then cover with socks. Leave them on all night. You will ... Read More »

What it means with 'cold rice and cold tea are bearable but cold words and cold face are not?

Methadone is simply a narcotic anlegesic, or in other words it is a pain killer that is similar to morphine, oxycodone, codeine ect... It is a very effective pain killer because it has a very long ... Read More »

Can you catch the common cold in a hot country like Egypt, or is it just us all year round cold countries?

You can catch the common cold at anytime of the year and in any kind of environment. They call it a "Summer Cold" when you catch it in the Summer, but it is no different to the ones you catch in Wi... Read More »