What is the quickest was to get over sore muscles?

Answer What I do is keep working them. Preferably doing the same thing that made them sore in the first place with lots of stretching. It always has worked so far but takes about a week to ease the pain... Read More »

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What is the quickest and least expensive way to let a biological father sign over parental rights?

Answer Since each state has its own lawsgoverning such an action, it is hard to say without knowing where you live.There is however nothing quick about the process.Judges are not that open to letti... Read More »

How do i get over this hangover?

Drink loads of Gatorade and take 2 advils. Works everytime. Drinking water alone is not helpful cause the minerals go through your system. You need gatorade to keep the nutrients and minerals in wh... Read More »

Any fast ways to get over a hangover?

Here was my hangover cure in college. Nothing magic, but it helped:-1 bottle gatorade- 32 oz and drink as quickly as possible (electolytes and clense system)-2 multi vitamins (these replace the mi... Read More »

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