What is the quickest way to cook salmon?

Answer Pour petrol in the river and set it alight... hey presto...Otherwise... fry in light olive oil for about 1 minute each side... lovely....

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How to Cook a Whole Salmon?

With this method of cooking a whole salmon, you don’t need a fish kettle – you simply bake the fish in a parcel in the oven. Make this whole salmon your boxing day centrepiece. Here's how to co... Read More »

Do you cook with canned salmon?

Yes, even though I prefer to use fresh. What I typically use canned salmon for when cooking is salmon-loaf. Prepared in much the some way as meat-loaf (eggs, diced onion, bread crumbs/oat meal, etc... Read More »

How to Cook Salmon in a Dishwasher?

Are you cooking lots of food and the oven is occupied? Try cooking that salmon in the dishwasher as follows.

How to Prepare and Cook Salmon?

Salmon is a desirable seafood because of its availability and health benefits. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for the immune and circulatory systems. Salmon is also good for the ... Read More »