What is the quickest was to get over sore muscles?

Answer What I do is keep working them. Preferably doing the same thing that made them sore in the first place with lots of stretching. It always has worked so far but takes about a week to ease the pain... Read More »

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What can I do about sore muscles?

Thank god for my boyfriend or I would never have known about stuff like this...You need to be getting enough protein in your diet in your day to help your muscles repair after a workout. When you w... Read More »

How can I help my sore muscles to not be so sore?

What is the best treatment for achy, sore muscles?

do not take a warm bath like they are telling you to do. everyone thinks that will help but it makes it worse. when you get the heat on you body all the muscles relax but as soon as that heat sourc... Read More »

I've been masticating on and off all day, what can I do to soothe my sore muscles?