What is the purpose of wikipedia's blank page?

Answer On Wikipedia, the Special:BlankPage feature of MediaWiki is used as a form of intentional irony, their way of saying "screw you" to the rest of the world. That's because of all the pages on Wikiped... Read More »

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My printer prints a blank page in between each printed page.?

This sounds like your printer or printer driver thinks that the document you're sending is at least slightly larger/longer than what paper is available and is trying to print the rest of the page o... Read More »

What does an about blank page mean?

The about:blank page is the default new page in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. This page shows up when you don't have a home page set up in your browser's settings menu.References:N2E: Customi... Read More »

What is a blank page window on my XP?

The "blank page window" in the Windows XP operating system may be a part of computer virus called CoolWebSearch (CWS). Until it is removed, this error can cause freezing of Windows XP and force a r... Read More »

Is facebook down im getting a blank page?