Do rental trucks need to stop at weigh stations?

Answer Standard rental trucks do not need to stop at interstate weigh stations. Weigh station rules are governed by state departments of transportation, and apply to large big-rig trucks. For example, Ore... Read More »

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Does a U-Haul type rental truck need to stop at weigh stations?

According to both U-Haul and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the laws governing which vehicles must stop at weigh stations vary from state to state. Some states require only those above a ce... Read More »

In Nevada there is a state highway popuarly known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.?

Google Rachel NVIt's SR 375It's name comes from the popular idea that the government is hiding ETs and their spacecraft on their maximum security USAF base formally called Groom Lake But colloqui... Read More »

If all cretures have a purpose, then what is the purpose of garden slugs?

Garden slugs creep in your residence.While you're sleeping they enter your anus and impregnate you against your will.They brainwash your spermatozoa making them leave your balls to travel to your s... Read More »

Help please 11/18, codes or trivia for Calgary stations C105, Q107, The New 95.3 or other radio stations?

Waxx - 104.5 - Eau Claire, WI - Nov. 18, 20096:12: Twenty7:12: Year9:12: Bonus1:12: Relax4:12: SauceAre you more: CChamps: AConsumers Guide: InteriorCountry: BGames: WhiteHow Stuff: ParisPop goes: ... Read More »