What is the purpose of the stock market in a market economy?

Answer In a market economy, the stock market is the backbone of the system. Companies offer shares of their business for purchase and pass on profits to their investors. The market is relatively free of ... Read More »

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Do you think the economy is as bad off as the stock market indicates?

No one probably wants to hear this, but I think the economy is far WORSE than the market indicates. If one read my post history, esp from about spring/summer 2007, I have been trying to help and te... Read More »

Why is the stock market important to the economy?

Investors and businesses alike look toward the stock market to generate wealth. Beyond wealth creation, stocks serve as a barometer for national success. Of course, financial markets carry distinct... Read More »

What is the purpose of the stock market?

The purpose of the stock market is to transfer money from investors to businesses. Investors buy stocks, bonds, or other securities that represent partial ownership in the business that issued a pa... Read More »

Why is the stock market called a Bull or Bear market?

I don't think we are out of the "woods" yet. But CIM is low priced, has a very low P/E of about 5 (vs. industry average of 13) and pay a super high dividend of 15% of current price. Only the negati... Read More »