What is the purpose of the stigma on a flower?

Answer In a flower carpel, the stigma is the terminal portion that has no epidermis and is fitted to receive pollen.

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What is a stigma in a flower?

The stigma is the ovary of the flower--the female part. The male counterpart is the stamen. The stigma is covered in a sticky substance so that pollen will adhere to; The f... Read More »

What is the purpose of a flower girl?

Flower girls set the scene for the bride. While their role in a wedding is small, flower girls can help relax tensions by looking sweet and "stealing the show."FunctionThe flower girl leads the bri... Read More »

What is the purpose of the anther of the flower?

The anther is where pollen is produced and stored.

What purpose does the flower serve for the plant?

Flowers are the reproductive part of a plant. They produce seeds and fruit. Some flowers have sweet nectar or are brightly colored to attract birds and insects. This helps to spread pollen from flo... Read More »