What is the purpose of the skeletal system?

Answer The skeletal system is more important than you may think. From giving our bodies form to producing red blood cells to enabling us to move about, our skeletal system---made up of cartilage and bones... Read More »

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How does the skeletal system work with the endocrine system?

Bones support and shape the human body. Bones do not develop on their own but are influenced by hormones produced by the glands that make them.The Skeletal SystemThe human skeleton is made of 206 ... Read More »

How does the skeletal system work with the respiratory system?

The human skeletal system is a network of bones. These bones are living tissue that provide the shape and form of the human body, protect internal organs and produce blood cells. Its functions sup... Read More »

How does the skeletal system help the digestive system?

Two of the body's internal systems are the skeletal and digestive systems. The two systems help one another but the skeletal systems assistance to the digestive system is less obvious.Identificatio... Read More »

The Skeletal System of a Cat?

The skeletal system of all vertebrate creatures consists of a framework of bones and joints surrounded by soft tissues, muscles and organs. Without the support of the skeletal system, no vertebrate... Read More »