What is the purpose of the grooms cake?

Answer The groom's cake is a second cake served alongside the traditional wedding cake during the reception. The cake is included as tribute to the groom and an alternative dessert for guests to enjoy.Ori... Read More »

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My cake recipe tells me to use all purpose or cake flour?

All Purpose flour is just good old Plain flour. If you are using self raising flour and the recipe calls for baking powder as well then just leave that out, or put less in.

Could i use all purpose cream instead of frosting in making cake pops?

What purpose does placing parchment or waxed paper on the bottom of a greased cake pan serveJust curious.?

Years ago, my Mother could only afford wax paper, so we would put the cake pans on top of a sheet of wax paper and use a scissors to make a circle around the pan and cut 2 pieces out. She would po... Read More »

What was Jane Eyre's grooms name?

Jane ended up marrying Mr. Rochester.