What is the purpose of the five food groups?

Answer The five food groups and the Food Guide Pyramid were designed to provide an outline of what to eat daily based on standard dietary guidelines. The different groups help categorize the foods require... Read More »

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Kids Activities for the Five Food Groups?

Learning about the five good groups--including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat--helps kids understand the value of nutrition and learn which foods are healthiest. There are a variety of ... Read More »

Activities for Fifth Graders About the Five Basic Food Groups?

Fifth graders studying the five basic food groups may retain more information if they're having fun while learning. Make students an active part of the unit by incorporating actual food preparation... Read More »

Purpose of Anxiety Support Groups?

Support groups for those with anxiety disorders fall into two distinct types: therapy and social support. The two distinct types of support group also have distinctly different purposes as regards ... Read More »

What are the basic food groups?

The food guide pyramind, as developed by the US Department of Agriculture, has four levels:1. Fats, Oils and Sweets 2. The Dairy Group and the Meat Group 3. Fruits and Vegetables 4. The Grain Gro... Read More »