What is the purpose of the Hoover Dam?

Answer The Hoover Dam spans the Colorado River, providing water for irrigation, recreation and home use in the southwestern United States. Built during the Great Depression, the dam has become both an his... Read More »

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What state is the Hoover Dam in?

The Hoover Dam straddles the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona, so it technically lies in both states. Las Vegas, Nevada is the closest major city to the Hoover Dam, with only 30 miles betw... Read More »

In what city is the Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam is located on Lake Mead on the Colorado River. The dam is located about 30 miles from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, but its postal address is in Boulder City, Nevada, nearly 8 miles... Read More »

In what state is the Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam is actually not located in one state, but on the border between two states. It is located in the Black Canyon on the Colorado River between the states of Arizona and Nevada.Source:U.... Read More »