What is the purpose of television commercials?

Answer TV ads might be entertaining or informative, but the primary initiative of most is to convince you to spend money on whatever they are selling. There are two types of commercials, however, with a d... Read More »

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Don't you think they should have Got Fruit commercials instead of Got Milk commercials?

Arn't the Florida Orange Juice commercials bad enough :-) I get your point though.

What was the first British television game show to be adapted for American television?

What improvements to broadcast television and videotapes does high-definition and digital television broadcasting bring?

pictures will have better quality because of an increase in the number of pixels and a change in the aspect ratio of the picture.

If all cretures have a purpose, then what is the purpose of garden slugs?

Garden slugs creep in your residence.While you're sleeping they enter your anus and impregnate you against your will.They brainwash your spermatozoa making them leave your balls to travel to your s... Read More »