What is the purpose of soundproof rooms?

Answer There are variety of reasons a homeowner may choose to soundproof a room (or even multiple rooms). Once soundproofed, the room can serve several different purposes.Primary PurposeThe primary purpos... Read More »

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How to Decorate Living Rooms, Dining Rooms & Kitchens?

Decorating a combined living room, dining room and kitchen area--sometimes called a great room--requires more planning than if the rooms were separated to avoid having decor that clashes in a large... Read More »

How to Soundproof a VW?

As VWs get older, they can become more and more rattly and noisy, which can make the daily commute a not-so-relaxing activity. Many VW owners end up soundproofing their cars with new sound proofing... Read More »

How can I soundproof my bed?

go to bed bath and beyond, they make these little rubber cups that go on the bottom of the bed posts. you might also try using wd40 on the joints of the bed (cuts the squeaking down)

What is soundproof insulation?

Soundproof insulation is insulation that is created to reduce sound. The insulation is commonly used to protect against noise pollution.FunctionSoundproof insulation works by using a dense material... Read More »