What is the purpose of primary elections in the electoral process?

Answer Over the years, the U.S. political system evolved into one dominated by two political parties: the Democratic and Republican parties. Each party holds primary elections to select its nominees for l... Read More »

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When did the primary elections start?

The very first primary election was held in Minnesota in 1899. It was for a statewide election. In 1901 the first presidential primary election took place in Florida. Not all states in the United S... Read More »

Does indiana have primary elections?

Primary elections for both state representatives and presidents are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of May. For state primaries, it is held in even-numbered years; for the presiden... Read More »

When are the primary elections in kansas?

In Kansas, primary elections are on Aug. 3. Primary elections are held to determine which candidates will represent their respective political parties in the general election. Candidates who wish t... Read More »

When do primary elections take place?

Primary elections take place early in the year of a presidential election. The earliest is in early January in New Hampshire; by New Hampshire state law, its primary is to be first in the nation. P... Read More »