What is the reason for daddy long legs what is their purpose in life?

Answer to scare the life out of you

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How to Find Purpose in Life?

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How to Know Your Purpose in Life?

There are many different paths, but they're all about living.There are many times that people look for a purpose in life and this search is something that affects us all at some point or another an... Read More »

How to Find Your Purpose in Life?

The definition is when you find a role where you do what you love to do and use what you're great at doing to become a solution to problems that you feel called to fix. This will teach you the 4 st... Read More »

Do dragonflys and midges serve any purpose in life?

dragonflies, as adults consume mosquito`s and gnats, a useful service to mankind. Dragonfly larvae, or nymphs spend their pre-adult lives in water, where they feed on other insects, small fish, and... Read More »