What is the purpose of military basic training?

Answer Basic training is an introduction to life in the U.S. Army. The course is designed to ensure that graduates are armed with the skills they need to become professional soldiers.SignificanceBasic tra... Read More »

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What to bring to basic military training?

The things to bring to basic military training are your personal identification documents, your bank information for direct deposit, copies of college transcripts and information on your dependents... Read More »

What does military basic training do foy you?

Basic training gets you ready for the military lifestyle as well as get you in shape and teach you self discipline.

What is the hardest military basic training in the world?

It would probably be the French Foreign Legion. Other elite units typically have a selection process which the applicant goes through after they've completed their basic training, whereas the selec... Read More »

Where do you go to for basic military training?

Depends on what branch of military your joining, your military occupational specialty, and your resident geographic location.