What is the purpose of microsoft office licensing?

Answer Microsoft Corp. requires that Microsoft Office be licensed for each desktop on which it is installed. Multiuser client desktops--commonly called terminal services--do not change the licensing agree... Read More »

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What does the term"microsoft office licensing"mean?

Microsoft Office licensing is the name for a set of terms agreed to by someone that purchases the Microsoft Office software. This licensing specifies acceptable use for the software and how many ma... Read More »

Laws & Regulations of Microsoft Office Licensing?

When you purchase Microsoft software, you are purchasing the right to use it according to the terms of the license. The purpose of the license is to protect Microsoft and the user.

How to View Microsoft Office Work Mail on Home Computer Using Microsoft Office Software?

Outlook is an application that allows you to manage your email, contacts and calendar with one interface. The application is a client in the sense that it retrieves data from a server and puts it i... Read More »

Should I buy the Microsoft Office student and home or Microsoft Office University What's the difference?

Well outlook is really not that important. Outlook is basically Microsofts email software. You really don't need it as you can just check your mail in yahoo or gmail whatever you use. The most popu... Read More »