What is the purpose of imposing taxes?

Answer The purpose of imposing taxes is to allow the federal government to provide various services for the American people. While there is much debate about how to spend federal tax revenues, there are s... Read More »

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Is your state planning on imposing new taxes or raising taxes?

Much to my disappointment North Carolina just elected a liberal democrat for governor ; so I guess it is just a matter of time until she gets her marching orders from the messiah to "Spread The Wea... Read More »

What is the purpose of taxes?

Paying taxes is a requirement for almost every person in the world. The governments of most modernized countries use tax revenues as a way to pay for public service programs. In the United States, ... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Property Taxes?

Property taxes provide a revenue stream for government operations. Although the details vary depending on where you live, property taxes generally fund both state and local government operations, a... Read More »

What is the purpose of poll taxes?

It doesn't cost a penny today to vote or register to vote. This wasn't always true. Charging to vote was an exclusionary tactic used to prevent blacks from voting.HistoryIn 1870, the 15th Amendmen... Read More »