What is the purpose of decision trees?

Answer A decision tree is a tool to help you determine possible outcomes as a result of a decision. Once you analyze the possible outcomes based on your decision tree, you are able to decide how to act on... Read More »

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Why are decision trees&tables important?

When facing an important decision, it is obviously beneficial to consider all possible solutions, but this can be tricky without an organized method for laying out the myriad possibilities. Decisio... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Winter for the Trees?

Winter can be a beautiful time of the year, especially when the snow covers the branches and piles up deep on the ground. However, for the deciduous tree, the onslaught of cold weather and long, da... Read More »

Music Decision Help Really bad decision making skills here.?

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Can Osmocote slow-release all-purpose plant food be used for fruit trees?

Osmocote slow-release all-purpose plant food is usable for fruit trees if they're in a pot. If the tree is planted in the ground, however, it is not very effective. Fertilizer spikes are a better w... Read More »