What is the purpose of credentialing?

Answer The purpose of credentialing is to prevent a problem before it happens. However, the main purpose is to research the qualifications and backgrounds of individuals and companies. Credentialing is al... Read More »

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Why is credentialing important?

When hospitals or health care organizations employ new doctors and medical personnel, it is in their best interest to verify the credentials of those staff. Therefore, credentialing is used to make... Read More »

What Is Credentialing Experience?

Many professionals belong to recognized organizations that credential their members to make sure they have the appropriate training, education and experience to do the work. The credentialing proce... Read More »

Credentialing Standards?

Credentialing is the process of verifying a professional's background to evaluate her qualifications. Standards are put in place to give professionals a set of measurable expectations to meet durin... Read More »

What is a medical credentialing coordinator?

A medical credentialing coordinator or specialist typically works for health systems, hospitals and other large medical facilities. The coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all physicians, ... Read More »