What is the purpose of computer technology?

Answer Computer technology has a variety of functions that have influenced humanity's daily lives. Without this form of technology, the way you communicate and do tasks in routinely wouldn't be possible.H... Read More »

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What is the purpose of 3G Technology in mobile phone?

What Is a Bit in Computer Technology?

In computer technology, the term bit refers to a data measurement unit. The word bit is derived from the two words "binary" and "digit." Eight bits make up a byte of data.Source:Indiana University ... Read More »

What Is Computer Information Technology?

Most areas of education and business are changing today thanks to developments in computers and information technology. This broad field of engineering encompasses a wide variety of devices, softwa... Read More »

What Is Computer Engineering Technology?

Individuals who are trained to set up computers, troubleshoot programs and test software fill computer engineering technology jobs. Computer engineers can also write and design software and programs.