What is the purpose of computer forensic examination&investigation?

Answer In today's high-tech society, computers are the weapons of choice for many identity thieves, vandals, and scam artists. Catching these criminals through traditional methods is difficult. Computer f... Read More »

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What is the purpose of having a computer?

Once thought to be something only seen in science fiction movies, personal computers have taken the world by storm. They have become so popular that they are required in some colleges and even allo... Read More »

What is the purpose of a computer processor?

The processor, or central processing unit (CPU) is sometimes referred to as the computer's brain. The CPU performs arithmetic and logical operations on data from memory, or data entered through inp... Read More »

What is the purpose for computer headphones?

they are used so other people can't hear what you are listening to, only you can

What is the purpose of computer technology?

Computer technology has a variety of functions that have influenced humanity's daily lives. Without this form of technology, the way you communicate and do tasks in routinely wouldn't be possible.H... Read More »