Does armpit hair and head hair grow at the same rate?

Answer While any woman will tell u armpit hair seems to grow faster, the hair on your head grows faster so it would be longer in a month. But since it would be only a month, there would only be a tiny dif... Read More »

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How to get rid of armpit hair?

Way to get rid of armpit hair?

you can wax, it is painful but lasts longer than shaving. or if you are really brave and have a lot of time on your hands you can pluck them :)

How to Remove Armpit hair?

Removing hairs in your armpit is not fun but by applying a product for hair remover then it's easy.What type of products you are using to remove your armpit hair?I had a friend before that uses pul... Read More »

Where in the UK can I have my armpit hair cornrowed?

I just got home from getting my leg hair corn rowed. I'm saving up for my pits. Next payday and 'm so there!! I really enjoy the lil place I got to. Thai women do it for you, along with any other "... Read More »