What is the purpose of aquarium air pumps?

Answer An air pump on a fish tank has several uses, but the primary function is to oxygenate the water. Air from the pump is supplied to the tank by small-diameter, flexible plastic tubing.OxygenKeeping t... Read More »

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How to Set Up Aquarium Pumps?

Aquariums can be beautiful, clean and sparkling, with colorful fish, coral, plants and crustaceans inside. To keep an aquarium responsibly, though, you must keep certain conditions in mind, like an... Read More »

Types of Aquarium Pumps?

Aquarium pumps are water devices that are installed to maintain the overall health of an aquarium and all its inhabitants. Their main function is to provide water oxygenation and circulation. The p... Read More »

What is the difference in flow vs. pressure in aquarium pumps?

Aquarium pump flow rates are measured in gallons per hour (GPH) and pertain to how much water, at whatever pressure, can flow through the pump. The pressure, in pounds per square inch (PSI) , deter... Read More »

How to Install Pumps, Hoses & Filters on a 135 Gallon Fish Aquarium?

Having a large aquarium like a 135-gallon tank in your home provides a striking conversation piece. A large tank instantly becomes the focal point of the room, and filling that tank with a variety ... Read More »