What is the purpose of an expansion joint?

Answer An expansion joint is used to allow for movement in difference structures and piping systems. This device contains the pressure of shock, contractions, vibrations or the medium running through it.H... Read More »

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What is a concrete expansion joint?

Expansion joints are a vital component of a properly poured concrete slab. These joints prevent concrete from cracking and breaking apart when it expands and contracts with changes in temperature.M... Read More »

How to Measure a Rubber Expansion Joint?

Heating and cooling causes many materials to expand and contract, often with a noticeable effect. This expansion and contraction can cause damage to a system; for instance, if a pipe system in a fa... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of a CV Joint?

Most people learn what the purpose of a CV joint is only after it breaks. The sound of metal clicking and popping from front car wheels during a turn often indicates the need to replace CV joints. ... Read More »

What Kind of Joint Is the Atlanto-Axial Joint?

The atlanto-axial joint occurs between the atlas and the axis bones, which are the first two cervical vertebrae of the spine. It is a compound synovial joint; that is, it moves freely and is compos... Read More »