What is the purpose of an attic fan?

Answer A house offers shelter from the sun's rays and heat of summer. However, an attic can be as much as 30 degrees warmer than the outside air and noticeably raises the temperature of the home. Installi... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of an Attic?

Depending on how creative you are, you can turn your attic into much more than just wasted space. With little to no effort, your attic can be used as a storage facility, protecting the treasured it... Read More »

What is the name of the 90's tv show where a young girl and boy visit their grandmother's attic where they read a magic book that tells them a story in animation and there's also a bear in the attic?

You are not alone! I am looking for this as well! I remember the book would shake and fall off a shelf and they would come in and see the story open on the floor! It is nice to know someone else is... Read More »

Can You Replace an Attic Fan Motor From Inside the Attic?

Attic fans help keep homes cool by collecting warm air and expelling it from the attic. Whether or not you have an air conditioner, an attic fan can be useful. While most attic fans never require s... Read More »

If all cretures have a purpose, then what is the purpose of garden slugs?

Garden slugs creep in your residence.While you're sleeping they enter your anus and impregnate you against your will.They brainwash your spermatozoa making them leave your balls to travel to your s... Read More »