What is the purpose of an air intake hose?

Answer The location, design length and efficiency of an engine's air intake hose can play a huge role in performance and fuel efficiency. Hundreds of intake designs are available to you on the market toda... Read More »

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What Is an Air Intake Hose?

An air intake hose is a vital piece of equipment for any internal combustion engine. The hose allows air to reach the engine where it mixes with fuel to create power.

What can happen if your air intake hose doesn't work?

If your air intake hose doesn't work, or doesn't work properly, your fuel air mixture can be compromised. This will affect the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.RatioGasoline engines requi... Read More »

What is the purpose of cold air intake?

Cold air intakes have existed as long as the automobile. These components can help an engine to make more horsepower by allowing it to ingest cool outside air instead of the hot air that gets trap... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of an Intake Manifold?

Intake manifolds are part of a vehicle's air intake system, which includes the mass flow sensor, air filter and airbox. The intake manifold is bolted to the engine head and plays a vital role in ma... Read More »