What is the purpose of a warranty deed?

Answer A warranty deed helps to transfer a piece of property from a seller to a buyer. With completion of this form, a seller promises that they hold a clear title to the property.PurposeNot all propertie... Read More »

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Purpose of Recording a Warranty Deed?

Warranty deeds transfer ownership of property from one party to another. They are recognized legally once they have been signed and witnessed by a notary public or attorney. Warranty deeds offer th... Read More »

The Definition of a Special Warranty Deed and Deed of Trust in Texas?

A real estate sale in Texas commonly involves three documents: a deed, promissory note and deed of trust. The deed is the document used to convey title to the property from seller to buyer. Texas l... Read More »

What is the difference between a quit-claim deed&a warranty deed?

There are two distinct classifications of deeds in real estate transactions: warranty deeds and quit-claim deeds. Both are used for transferring interest in real property, however, the situations f... Read More »

What is the difference between a deed without warranty& a quit-claim deed?

A deed is executed anytime property ownership changes. Deeds may or may not provide a warranty that the land is free and clear of any liens or other owners. Deeds without warranty and quit-claim de... Read More »