What is the purpose of a spreadsheet?

Answer A spreadsheet is an electronic version of a ledger. Users can calculate lengthy and complex mathematical equations through numerical entries onto the spreadsheet.ErrorsSpreadsheets are an efficien... Read More »

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Purpose of a Spreadsheet?

Patrick J. Cooney, Ph.D. and professor of physics, recommends that users rely on spreadsheets to calculate data. However, business owners and others may find spreadsheets useful for a variety of pu... Read More »

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What is a spreadsheet program?

Spreadsheets are invaluable business and personal tools for managing and monitoring tasks, balancing budgets and other mathematical-related scenarios. A spreadsheet program is the software that ena... Read More »

What is a function in a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are software programs such as Excel or Lotus 123 that arrange data in columns and rows. Each individual unit in a spreadsheet is called a cell. Most cells contain numerical values that... Read More »