What is the role of the spleen?

Answer The spleen is a soft, fist-sized organ located just under the ribcage. While people can live without a spleen, doctors have learned that it performs several important functions in the human body.Re... Read More »

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What Is Spleen Atrophy?

Atrophy of the spleen or "splenic atrophy" refers to the wasting of the spleen, an organ whose importance to proper functioning of the immune system is becoming increasingly recognized, in part due... Read More »

What is the main function of the spleen?

The spleen serves several, perhaps the most important of which is to help fight infections. White blood cells fight germs and trap organisms in the spleen. The spleen also regulates the amount of b... Read More »

What tissue makes up the spleen?

The spleen is made of lymphoid tissue that envelops small arteries. As part of the body's lymphatic system, the spleen filters out dead blood cells as well as foreign materials, helping to purify t... Read More »

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