What is the purpose of a quitclaim deed?

Answer The purpose of a quitclaim deed is to transfer the rights to a property from one person to another person, with only the grantor's rights to the property being affected. Quitclaims are often used i... Read More »

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Purpose of Quitclaim Deed in California?

A quitclaim deed is one of several types of transfer deeds used to convey or change title in California. Like all transfer deeds affecting real property, they must be signed in front of a notary pu... Read More »

What is the difference between a California grant deed and a quitclaim deed?

Deeds are legal documents used to transfer the ownership of real estate. A grant deed is used to transfer the property itself. A quitclaim deed is used to transfer a claim on the property.Deed Requ... Read More »

Quitclaim Deed Invalid Due to an Earlier Executed Deed?

An earlier executed deed does not necessarily invalidate a quitclaim deed, yet it can make the quitclaim deed worthless. This is because a quitclaim deed only conveys interest the grantor has in th... Read More »

What is a quitclaim deed for?

A home- or landowner uses a quitclaim deed to transfer ownership and any financial interest in the property to another person or persons. Quitclaim deeds do not guarantee that the owner has a legal... Read More »