What is the purpose of a power of attorney?

Answer A power of attorney refers to an official document that allows another person or organization, known as an agent or attorney-in-fact, to handle your affairs while you are unavailable to do so for w... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a defense attorney?

In the United States, everyone arrested and accused of a crime has a right to an attorney to defend them and represent their interests in a court of law. The purpose of a defense attorney is to ful... Read More »

What is a T-19 power of attorney?

A T-19 power of attorney is a document used in the state of Georgia. It allows a company, corporation or partnership to assign an employee the right to sign on behalf of the company when executing ... Read More »

What form do you use for power of attorney?

A power of attorney form gives another person a legal right to act on your behalf. The type of form used to grant power of attorney depends on the area that the power of attorney is needed. For exa... Read More »

What is power of attorney for a property?

Power of attorney for a property is a legal document giving the attorney-in-fact the power to act as an agent for another person. The attorney-in-fact conducts the full transaction. The power of at... Read More »