What is the purpose of a manifold on a car?

Answer A car's exhaust manifold helps expel gases from the engine. The manifold works in conjunction with the other parts of the exhaust system to safely remove these waste products.BasicsThe exhaust mani... Read More »

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Purpose of Exhaust Manifold?

In an internal combustion engine, the exhaust manifold collects the products of combustion (exhaust gases) from two or more cylinders and conducts these to a single exhaust pipe.

What Is the Purpose of an Intake Manifold?

Intake manifolds are part of a vehicle's air intake system, which includes the mass flow sensor, air filter and airbox. The intake manifold is bolted to the engine head and plays a vital role in ma... Read More »

Intake Manifold Vs. Exhaust Manifold?

Engines require a lot of airflow in order to work efficiently. An engine's manifolds, both intake and exhaust, work to transfer air within the engine to increase its performance.

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