What is the purpose of a hot tub pressure switch?

Answer The pressure switch on a hot tub is there for safety. The job of the pressure switch is to detect water height and flow. If enough water is detected by the switch, the hot tub's heater will come on... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a rotary switch?

Rotary switches are used in electrical equipment that has multiple modes of operation, whereas regular switches merely turn a device on or off. Rotary switches can change a device's function with a... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of a Flow Switch?

A flow switch is a device that monitors the flow of air, steam or liquid. It sends a "trip signal" to a different device in the system, such as a pump. The flow switch can indicate to the pump to s... Read More »

What is the purpose of the electronic relay switch?

Switches are used in circuits to interrupt or to manipulate current flow. An electronic relay is a switch that is electrically controlled. It is actuated by an electromagnet, which is a magnet that... Read More »

What is the purpose of a clutch pressure plate?

A pressure plate is one of the four basic components of any clutch. (The others are the flywheel, friction material and release mechanism.) The pressure plate dictates much of the clutch's torque ... Read More »