What is the purpose of a garbage disposal?

Answer A garbage disposal is a device that is installed into a sink. The general purpose of a garbage disposal unit is to eliminate food waste from the home or workplace, providing several beneficial uses... Read More »

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What is the best way to clean out a garbage disposal?

I usually cut an apple into slices and run it through the garbage clean the blades and get any food that may be stuck and then I shoot dishwashing detergentinto the disposal area... Read More »

What can I use to keep smell out of garbage disposal ?

Sounds like you might have some old food stuck in your drain, and its turned sour and smelly. Try running a lot of ice down your disposal, and let the water run for a long time, then run some fres... Read More »

What size garbage disposal do you need for a condo?

A good 1/3 HP Badger will do the trick. A Badger is a quality unit. Going with 1/2 HP would be overkill. Denise

What should you do if you have a locked up garbage disposal?

First, turn off the power. Then, remove any objects inside the disposal. Things that usually get caught are chicken skin, bones, mashed potatoes, celery and so on. If that does not work, use a broo... Read More »