What is the purpose of a cupola?

Answer Cupolas are found in many types of architecture, often located at the tops of houses and cathedrals. While cupolas can be an attractive feature, their purpose varies from building to building.Defin... Read More »

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How to Build a Cupola?

Cupolas were used in the days before roof vents to provide ventilation for barns, stables and houses. They are the square, vented structures on the rooftops of older buildings. Cupolas are used tod... Read More »

How wide should a cupola be?

In choosing the right size cupola, many variables are involved. The proportional relationship of the cupola must be examined in combination with its surroundings to determine what is most aesthetic... Read More »

What Is a Cupola Ceiling?

A cupola is an architectural feature that has a number of practical and aesthetic purposes. While cupolas were once used as ventilation and protection from the elements, their use now is largely ae... Read More »

What Is a Cupola Melt System?

A cupola melt system is a vertical and cylindrical furnace system used for melting iron and bronze before it is cast. It is a popular system because it is simple to use and has a low environmental ... Read More »