What is the purpose of a county court?

Answer In the United States, the individual states determine the county courts' functions. States such as Missouri use the "county circuit court" for administration functions, while states such as New Yor... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a texas county pretrial court appearance?

The purpose of a pretrial court appearance, or pretrial hearing, in a Texas county court is to narrow the issues to be argued at trial and assist parties in settling disputes. (See Reference 1).Len... Read More »

Definition of County Court & Stautory County Court?

County courts and statutory county courts are those courts that have jurisdiction over local populations. In common law systems, these courts hear cases involving claims for money owed and property... Read More »

Does Kentucky law require the county fiscal court to maintain county roads?

The Kentucky state legislature enacted KRS 67.080(2)(b) (Powers of fiscal court) on July 14, 2000. This law requires county fiscal courts to construct, operate and maintain all county roads as nee... Read More »

What is a county court judgment?

"County court" is the name assigned to a state trial court in many jurisdictions in the U.S. These courts are also known as district or superior courts. A county court conducts civil and criminal p... Read More »