What is the purpose of a computer processor?

Answer The processor, or central processing unit (CPU) is sometimes referred to as the computer's brain. The CPU performs arithmetic and logical operations on data from memory, or data entered through inp... Read More »

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How do I find on my computer where it tells whether my computer has a 64 or 32 bit processor?

You need the 64bit version of windows. xp & vista both come in 64bit editions. actually, the software support for 64 isn't quite there yet for most applications. You can also run into a ton of prob... Read More »

Which is the best computer processor?

well it depends on what you want the processor to do, since AMD is great for gaming, but not so good a video editting, etc, and intel is good at video editting etc and not so good at gamingi would ... Read More »

What processor is best for my computer?

No it is not, the socket on your motherboard is LGA775 but an i7 is socket LGA1155 so it wouldn't physically fit. Your only options for upgrading the CPU are Core 2 Duo's or perhaps a Core 2 Quad, ... Read More »

Computer Processor?

pentium 4 sucks dick go with the other one i know i have a pentium 4 in my dell and it sucks dick it so slow not enufe prosser speend in thoes they should have never made them.......