What is the purpose of a chimney cap?

Answer A chimney cap is placed on top of a chimney and prevents animals, birds and insects from entering inside. It also keeps out rain, snow and other elements. It's used in the absence of a chimney flue... Read More »

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Why Does My Chimney Ice Up?

The chimney serves as a vent for the furnace, fireplace or other heat source. The gases formed during combustion--typically poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide--naturally ris... Read More »

How do I cap a chimney?

Measure the ChimneyMeasure your chimney with a measuring tape, and order the correct cap for your chimney's size and shape. Wear heavy work gloves to avoid cuts from the metal cap.Outside Mount Chi... Read More »

How do I remove a chimney cap?

Removing a Chimney CapUnscrew fasteners with a screwdriver if these hold the chimney cap in place. Cut around the caulk seam that holds the cap to the chimney flue with a utility knife. Peel away t... Read More »