What is the purpose of a car radiator?

Answer An automobile radiator is most often between the front grill of a vehicle and the engine. It is important for auto owners to understand how their car's radiator system. With a little knowledge, an ... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of a Radiator?

The radiator in your car is important for keeping your engine cool, and is probably more complicated than you expect. Understanding the purpose of the radiator will help you maintain your car more... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Radiator Hoses?

Radiator hoses are used to connect a stationary radiator to the car's moving engine. Regardless of how smooth the engine runs, it is subject to vibrations and movement. If the connections between t... Read More »

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Why Does the Water in a Car Radiator Often Boil Explosively When the Radiator Cap Is Removed?

A careful guideline about checking coolant on automobiles is to never remove the radiator cap when it is hot due to its explosive nature. Caution should be used as antifreeze coolant is also a dang... Read More »