What is the purpose of Wikipedia stubs?

Answer Stubs are the start of articles which have not been developed.

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Do you consider articles that are stubs to be an important building block to Wikipedia?

Well, yes, because although the little amount of information in them is not helpful on it's own, it can help direct you to more thorough sites, a little bit like a contents page or an introduction/... Read More »

What is the purpose of wikipedia's blank page?

On Wikipedia, the Special:BlankPage feature of MediaWiki is used as a form of intentional irony, their way of saying "screw you" to the rest of the world. That's because of all the pages on Wikiped... Read More »

What is the purpose of the Simple English version of Wikipedia?

As the front page of indicates, the simple wikipedia is an encyclopedia written in simple English. This makes it more accessible for people who don't speak English well ... Read More »

Which Wikipedia policy is most often applied to achieve the exact opposite of its stated purpose?

I'd say you've already hit on it: WP:CIVIL. There's also WP:NPA, but CIVIL seems to be more useful.