What is the purpose of Pell Grants?

Answer According to the U.S. Department of Education, the federal Pell Grant program, commonly referred to as Pell Grants or Basic Educational Opportunity Grants, provides money to college students to off... Read More »

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What do Pell Grants pay for?

Pell Grants are federally funded financial aid reserved for low-income families. Colleges can cut Pell Grant checks directly to the student who can then use the money for such school-related fees a... Read More »

Pell grants? get a pin number, then fill out the application. The requirements are pretty vast. A lot of it depends on your age and income.Also, you should NEVER have to pay to apply... Read More »

How many Pell Grants can one have?

You can receive a Pell Grant from only one school at a time and usually receive one Pell Grant per term. The number of Pell Grant disbursements you will receive depends on how many terms your schoo... Read More »

When are Pell Grants given out?

Federal Pell Grants can be paid out or credited to a student's account as early as 10 days before classes begin. The school will notify the student how the funds are being disbursed and, if paid by... Read More »