What is the purpose of Labor Day?

Answer U.S. federal law recognizes 10 holidays for federal employees. Labor Day is the sixth of these holidays, celebrated on the first Monday in September. Labor Day weekend signifies the unofficial end ... Read More »

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The Purpose of Labor Unions?

Labor unions are organized groups of dues-paying workers from the same or related fields who have joined together to present a collective voice in matters of negotiation. They have internally elect... Read More »

What is the purpose of a direct labor budget?

When deciding to create a direct labor budget, you should first have an idea of the purpose of this budget. The direct labor budget usually depends on the production volume you expect, multiplied b... Read More »

Why do Labor voters seem to forget that mandatory detention is a Labor policy, and that Nauru had bipartisan..?

Could you please explain how exactly you come to determine what Labor voters think? You keep attributing to them views that, in my experience, none of them would actually hold.If not for your stro... Read More »

What does research say about pregnant women who are in good physical condition while in labor and recovering from labor?

They aren't as stressed as a normal women giving birth, and they aren't in as much pain as a normal women giving birth. (This question is only asked at Niles West)