What is the purpos of glossy screens?

Answer it just gives the screen an nicer look aka shineyer,brighter, stuff like tht... im guessing you must be looking at buying a MAC? they always got tht option... GLOSSY SCREEN WITH HIGH RESOLUTION ....xD

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What is the difference between LCD screens and plasma screens?

LCD is Liquid Crystal. Uses a light that is replaceable in most.Plasma is GAS. LCD screens are better. If your going LCD, go HD. LCD (Liquid crystal displays) &Plasma screens use completely differe... Read More »

What glossy paper to use on Hp 2510 printer series?

You will need to get a HP glossy paper or one by Weyheuser which is less expensive but does a great job in printing a nice photo. Just make sure to get the one for the laser printer or the paper wi... Read More »

What can you use to make ceramic tile have a glossy look?

Ceramic tile is glazed. Being so, it is not something that can be made to look glossy because it is non porous. In theory you could wax it, but it would be messy, hard to maintain and very slippery.

What is a tree or shrub that has glossy spiny leaves and bright-red berries?