What is the punishment for the misdemeanor of child endangerment in Iowa?

Answer Maximum of 2 years in prison and $650 to $6250 in fines

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How can your child's father's mother get emergency temporary custody of your child with no proof of abuse or neglect or endangerment?

Answer To my knowledge, if a state agency is not involved because of negelct or abuse,your mother-in-law can get temporary custody if you go to family court and askthat she take temporary custody ... Read More »

What happen if you have a child endangerment case?

That is really determined by your disposition in that case.If you are the child, you have likely been removed from the home. If you are old enough to be psoting this question, then you will have di... Read More »

How to File Endangerment to a Child Charges?

Child endangerment statutes exist in every state and generally prohibit any person to cause or permit a child to suffer, or willfully permit circumstances or conditions that are likely to produce g... Read More »

Virginia Child Endangerment Laws?

The term "child endangerment" refers to any act by a parent or other adult that puts a child at risk for physical bodily harm. Physical abuse, abandonment and neglect are examples of acts that enda... Read More »