What is the punishment for stealing campaign signs?

Answer Stealing a campaign sign is a class 1 misdemeanor larceny. The punishment is up to a year and jail and a $2,500 fine. If signs are damaged, then a charge of vandalism can be added; this is also a m... Read More »

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How to Put Up Homecoming Campaign Signs?

Signs are an important part of your homecoming campaign. They build recognition around your campaign and potentially increase your chances of winning. Your signs should be eye-catching and somehow ... Read More »

Can you destroy campaign posters and signs?

The legality of destroying campaign signs or posters is set at the local government level. In many areas, it is considered vandalism and a misdemeanor. Fees and punishment for these crimes vary by ... Read More »

New York Regulations for Polling Campaign Signs?

Like most states, election time is a colorful time in the state of New York. There are election placards and banners on street corners, along the highway, and in many front yards. The State of New ... Read More »

How far should campaign signs be from the road?

States and municipalities have different laws regarding campaign signs and how far they can be from the road. Many, like Mesa, Arizona, and the state of Wisconsin, require the signs be a minimum of... Read More »