What is the punishment for child abuse and domestic violence?

Answer The youngest known child to give birth was a girl of five years, seven months in Peru. The birth occurred in 1939. You can see a list of other births to child mothers at the related link. "Having i... Read More »

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What is domestic violence&child abuse?

Domestic violence and child abuse have varied definitions. The criminal definition often includes only physical abuse, but modern conceptions include other forms of abuse as well.Domestic Componen... Read More »

What is the difference between child abuse and domestic violence?

a victim of domestic violence is of "free will". A victim of child abuse is "owed"

Substance Abuse in Domestic Violence?

The dynamics and relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence cannot be over stated. Although substance abuse does not cause domestic violence, it will reduce inhibitions and exacerba... Read More »

Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse?

Domestic violence is abuse, usually physical but sometimes emotional, perpetrated by a family or household member. The elderly, who can often be forced to rely on their family for physical and fina... Read More »